Journalism Today: Who Will Bail The Cat?

‘Only the weak, dies at home’.

How did we get here?.

It all started centuries ago, before our Heroes past.
We were groomed and well coached by our heroes past.
We were blessed with amour of peace, bravery, watery mouth, fearless heart and graced with inner strength to scale through tough times as well as pull down any mountain that presents itself before us.
We were raised as a football team, to connect each other with love and compassion.
We were taught to give our hands to our disabled brethren to make them able.

We were blessed with a voice of thunderous command, we were like demi gods to the society.
We were taught never to be biased nor compromise for any reason, nor go against our pledge of objective reportage (which has been our professional integrity) and we were asked never to dine with kings nor drink strong wine.

You know what, we actually abide by all these rules and teachings of our fore fathers.
Guess what, along the line, after our heroes past, the eve of our time fed us with a “yummy brain teaser”, which manipulated and introduced us to the Delilah of our time, who then trapped us like Samson and we became stocked up for just a little selfish and ignoramus mistake, which in turn embraced our world with all might and had shut us up as when God shut the mouth of the Lions in the den.


Tragic! Veteran nollywood actor, Kayode Odumosu is dead

By Veronique – March 1, 2020

Veteran Nollywood actor, Kayode Odumosu is dead. The actor who was ill for a while, died today Sunday March 1st.
His passing was announced by actress Foluke Daramola Salako.
BREAKING NEWS! Our model veteran actor Pa kasunmu Kayode Odumosu finally takes a bow.
It is with so much heavy pain in our hearts that we regret to announce ur in Para, that our #paraafricafoundation model actor Pa kasunmu has given up the ghost after a brief illness. The news was broken by a close source that stays around the hospital he gave up the ghost. We will keep u updated with further information on this”she wrote on her IG page
May his soul rest in peace Amen.

Nigerian professor, Maduike Ezeibe ‘discovers’ cure for Coronavirus, Lassa fever

By Veronique – March 1, 2020

A Nigerian professor of virology, Maduike Ezeibe, has said he has a cure for the corona (Covid-19) virus and Lassa fever.
Ezeibe is the Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU).
Professor Ezeibe said his therapy has the potency to cure coronavirus and Lassa fever.
The professor of Virology who gave the chemical equation of the therapy as (AI4(SiO4)3+3Mg2SiO4-2AI2Mg3(SiO4)3) said: “it’s a mechanism for curing Covid -19 and Lassa fever”.
On how the therapy works, Professor Ezeibe said: “that electrostatic attraction would make electrically charged medicines mop pathogens which have opposite charges is a known scientific fact and that viruses and abnormal (infected /tumour) cells are electrically charged is now known.
Covid-19 virus and Lassa fever virus (DNA viruses) are negatively charged. Small sizes of viruses enable them to infect cells, inaccessible to big molecules.
So, existing antiviral medicines need immunity to complement their effects but some viruses cause immune deficiency.
“As a silicate, AMS also normalises immunity and as a stabilizing agent it enhances efficacy of antimicrobials to achieve effective treatment secondary infections.
Effective treatment of secondary infections would cure any viral /abnormal cell diseases including Covid -19 and Lassa fever.”
He expressed confidence that the therapy which had already proved reliable in the treatment of HIV/AIDS would make coronavirus a thing of the past

Marxism?, Socialism? : what ism are you?.

It’s another rant …

So, is anyone else finding it almost amusing to see how easy folks seem to throw out labels to describe the actions comments and stance of candidates of the democratic party in a time when this government is seemingly in a  kleptocracy moment while living a kakistocracy with a wannabe autocratic tendencies… trump, is NOT who folks voted for and the plan to change America was set a while back and it appears or seems Mcconnell and the other republican cronies have been waiting for their chance  …. thing is, no one really wanted the acting gig until the birther grabbed us by the …bleep and while setting all our government agencies on fire, the rule of law, regular order on fire NOW we need to trust the Democratic Party because our morality seems at risk each day in the hands of republicans! This makes you think back to at least POTUS41 … Not too long you’ll get sick but then reality steps in as POC continue to be targeted, police seem triggered, the problem of a certain group of males continue to gain access to guns hurting others and in most cases, themselves and that is a shame. We have more schools on lockdown, several babies have died; there are now lockdown drills, some states have given teachers guns yet, another mass shooting occurs but nothing changes. There was a case of a teacher threatening to shoot her students having just had training… what could go wrong and sadly more unarmed black men and women are dying or dead and so the whole thoughts prayers etc are NOT enough. The idea that an activist is actually run over and some states decide to pass red flag laws but can’t improve background checks are amazingly offensive.   We should all know that even folks belonging to the nra think better background checks are reasonable but the gun industry is very strong and so when its fav pr organization says to jump many rs and most have do … though in this era of trump many many instances of violence have erupted and will be a timeline few will want to remember in the new year of 2020

Remembering the bush timeline aside from the obvious is sad; the guy acted impetuously then drove our economy into a ditch literally while Wall Street’s “creative accounting procedures” finally came to an ugly head. There was once an epic documentary called  House of cards by David Faber on Cnbc. It was a cruel reminder and or an awakening at how greed affects the mind, it was a truthful documentation of the nasty journey our economy took … for whom, by whom and how it (they) brought all of us down with them knowing the Government would pay for it all along … Unfortunately, the current trump unreality show doesn’t look at all like the one we watched shortly after our financial system collapsed because this is a moment in time when the question below isn’t so far fetched …  or worse a dystopian society? 

Are You having an existential crisis?

The existential crisis is something many people may face at one point or another in their lives when the world seems to become less meaningful and purposeful. People may question the inner logic of social systems, of their religion, of everything they have once held true, and they do so while becoming much more conscious of the brevity of life.

What is an existential issue?

quite simply, are issues that have to do with the plight of human existence, with the meaning of life, and what meaning, if any, our lives have.

trump has definitely set off a cause and effect with certain behaviors of human nature … is anyone else questioning their inner selves? hoping trump supporters are!

on what it means to affirm one’s own individual personal  choices and consequences for such choices …and yes in this current hostile environment living an authentic life is important but at risk

If we have to subscribe to labels … idk call me a Marxist who believes in Socialism at this time who also believes in capitalism but only with a lower case c … We need someone who cares, who is socially responsible and who believes the gap between the haves and have none needs to shrink; school me …what can be wrong with caring for all the people of the US … not just the one percent… especially since that one percent has been wheeling and dealing; starting from the house of bush and trickled down to Mainstreet .  You have to admit it is time for a change.

Obama was not a socialist or a Marxist … he was is a centrist, a person whose political opinions are not extreme: a person whose beliefs fall between those of liberals and conservatives … Question is what do trump supporters call him now?


CORONA VIRUS: Jehovah’s Witness Prediction 15years ago.

The deadly Coronavirus or COVID-19 was predicted by an article published by the Jehovah’s Witness, a religious group, 15 years ago, in its magazine, Awake! But the world ignored the warning.

According to the article “The Next Global Epidemic, WHEN?” published in the December 22, 2005, edition of Awake!, the world was alerted that a pandemic virus might emerge in China or a nearby country in the future.

It also warned that it might emanate from an animal and could surface from antigens or virulence factors derived from animal influenza viruses.

The prediction, seen by some analysts as opportunistic, came two years after the end of another pandemic virus, the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak that started in November 2002.

SARS was also a coronavirus, and it also jumped to people from animals in the wet markets

SARS emerged in Guangdong and infected 8,098 people over the course of eight months, killing 774 Patients experienced fevers, headaches, and a type of deadly pneumonia that could cause respiratory failure.

Experts called SARS “the first pandemic of the 21st century,” since it spread across 29 countries. The disease hasn’t been seen in humans since July 2003.

The Awake magazine writer in predicting another virus quoted the medical journal, Vaccine, of 2003, which warned: “It has been 35 years since the last influenza pandemic, and the longest interval between pandemics recorded with certainty in 39 years. The pandemic virus may emerge in China or a nearby country and could surface from antigens or virulence factors derived from animal influenza viruses.

“It will spread rapidly throughout the world. Several waves of infection will occur. Morbidity will be extensive in all age groups, and there will be widespread disruption of social and economic activity in all countries. Excess mortality will be evident in most, if not all age groups. It is unlikely that health care systems in even the most economically developed countries will be able to adequately cope with the demand for health care services.”

True to this prediction, the influenza pandemic again began in China in December 2019, from where it has spread to other parts of the world.

The virus has presented huge problems to China and the World Health Organisation in its containment.



The mirror approach…


stop wearing masks and trying to appear perfect. Be yourself. The most common mistakes people make when looking for a real connection is in authenticity. True love will never find you, if you are not ready to reveal your real self.

If you want someone to love despite Your Own faults, you must be ready to do the same for them. ‘false advertising ‘  has never been higher, tinder, facebook, snapchat, instagram are all at times authenticity killers. People seem more obsessed with appearing ‘Perfect’ than ever before. If you want love, be yourself, your raw true authentic self, flaws and all.

Learn to love who you are and stop hiding from the world. One day, someone will fall for who you are, not how you wish to be perceived. If you’re always wearing a mask, covering up your real self…
How can anyone ever love you for who you are?. Real love can only come to those who are real themselves. 

REMEMBER : the right person is always waiting for you to reveal your real self.
All the wrong people will always be available for the masked you.
Most people don’t learn this, until much later in life. So start expressing your true character today, because you never know who’s watching.


This is the mirror concept.
Most people are not actively looking for someone who is negative, pessimistic, lazy or uninspiring. You set the standard for the kind of person you want in your life. If you want a particular type of person, you must mirror that quality. If you want someone fit and healthy, you must be a mirror of that person.  If you want someone who always sees the positive in every situation. Mirror that mindset with your own outlook…

If you want someone with drive and ambition, ask yourself if you possess such characteristics. Like attracts like, mirror the person you want in that connection will happen much more naturally. Finding genuine happiness within yourself, is one of the most important of making a genuine connection with someone else.



“Be brave enough to make the change you desire”.

Love is the most powerful force on earth .  Some say that, finding a genuine connection today is harder than ever. But that’s no reason to give up trying, that’s no reason to give up believing you deserve it. Knowing you deserve it. 

Real love will find you,  when you understand it.  You don’t search for love in others, but you find it in yourself first!.
Next, you’ll need to do the work rather than waiting for some one else to come along and “FIX” you,  and finally, now is the time to let go of the habits that have kept you from getting hurt, but are also holding you back from a true partnership built on love and respect.

So, if you’re asking; “Will I ever fall in love?”.
You must stop doing these 5 things first:

in search for real love, the very first step must be loving yourself first. If you don’t love the special being that you are, how can you expect anyone else to?.
If you are looking for a true partner to share your life with, someone who will walk with you and encourage you to live your best life, you have to treat yourself that way first.
When you find yourself frustrated in search for a loving, respectful and supportive partner, take a step back to examine how you honestly treat yourself.

Take a close look at yourself talk, and begin to shut down the negativity that we can often inflict on ourselves. When you are at peace with who you are and you are constantly waiting for someone to “FIX” you,  you will likely attract toxic people who are looking for someone to take advantage of. Please don’t fall into this trap.

Take the time to do the difficult self-work, that makes you an attractive partner. This will help you to attract loving, respectful and supportive people into your life.
When you want someone else to do the heavy lifting for you,  you will likely be disappointed with the caliber of people who will enter your life. When you know that you are a whole and complete person who is looking for a partner rather than a savior, you are opening yourself up to attracting like- minded people who are also seeking someone to walk the journey of life with.